Lines 15

Min-Max-Stake 40p - £40

Bonus Rounds 1

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Ultra Fruits Screenshot 2
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Ultra Fruits Online Slot Game

This is the ultimate fruit slot! Spin up a cocktail of fruits to win prizes; there are no fixed pay lines here. Simply match up the right number of fruits no matter where they fall on the reels.

Free Spins

A Bonus Symbol will be randomly generated at the start of the free spins, which begins when you land three or more Stars on the middle reel. The Bonus Symbol will freeze where it lands and add to your winning combos.

Jackpot Prizes

Land 15 matching symbols and you’ll win a jackpot prize! Which winning symbol you land on determines your win with a share of the progressive jackpot prize, and your stake amount on the winning spin determines your prize amount.

Place the maximum bet and you’ll win a percentage of the prize with the following symbols:

• 7s symbol – 100%

• BAR symbol – 25%

• Bell, melon or grape symbol – 10%

• Orange, plum, lemon or cherry symbol – 5%

RTP: 94.00%

Progressive Jackpot Information:

Gambling is not possible after a jackpot win.
2.5% of every stake goes directly into the jackpot.
The jackpot is a combination of contributions by all players plus a base win of your total stake x 2000.
Players playing the maximum stake will be eligible to win the total jackpot. Lower staking players will win a proportion of the total jackpot relative to stake placed.
The amount you are eligible to win will be shown in the jackpot bank.
When some or all of the jackpot is won, it is reset to the base bet for your stake, plus the current total contributions you are eligible to win.
The base currency of this game may be different to the currency of your account. When that is the case, the progressive jackpot is shown at its current value in your account currency. That amount may go up or down depending on fluctuations in exchange rates.
It is not possible for two players to win the jackpot simultaneously. In instances of apparent simultaneous wins, the games are time-stamped and the first player to trigger the win is awarded the jackpot. Subsequent players win the base win for their selected stake, plus any new contributions.
There is no ceiling value for the jackpot.