Lines 10

Min-Max-Stake 40p - £50

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Diamonds of Fortune Online Slot Game

It’s time to sparkle with this 5 reel slot that brings four mystery bonus features plus the chance to win a progressive jackpot prize. Play Diamonds of Fortune to match three, four or five of the same symbol along a pay line. Bank a win when those symbols line up without interruption.

Mystery Bonus Feature

Following a losing spin or after a progressive jackpot win, you’ll get the chance to take part in one of the four mystery bonus rounds and the opportunity to win more!

  • Rewind: reels get nudged backwards to go for a win.
  • Fast Forward: the reels nudge forwards to look for a win.
  • All Symbols Pay Scatter: winning combinations are paid, regardless of whether they are on a win line or not.
  • Domino Symbol: A symbol will move across the reels changing the symbol it touches into a copy of itself, guaranteeing a win.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot can be won in any spin! If you’ve won your fortune on the jackpot, all the reels will turn multi-coloured and the total progressive jackpot prize will be paid.

Note: In the event this game is removed, the jackpot contributions will be equally distributed to existing Jackpot Games.

RTP: 96.45%