Lines 20

Min-Max-Stake 1P - £40

Bonus Rounds 1

Bullion Bars Screenshot 1
Bullion Bars Screenshot 2
Bullion Bars Screenshot 3
Bullion Bars Screenshot 4

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Bullion Bars Online Slot Game

The gold rush is on! Set in the Wild West, this classic slot machine lets you decide how big your gold depot will be. Lasso big wins when you stack the gold on three reels in the right order. See the dust turn to gold!

Bullion Bars features 20 pay lines across three reels. A winning combination begins on the left and runs to the right along a pay line. The symbols must land next to each other along the win line without interruption.

Streak Bonus Feature

The combination 'Bar – Bar Streak – Bar' on any position of the reels 1, 2 and 3 starts the Streak Bonus Feature. If the Streak feature is activated, almost any spin will get you a line win. The feature runs until your winning streak is broken and you don't land a win with a spin.

RTP: 94.00%