Lines 10

Min-Max-Stake 2P - £50

Bonus Rounds 1

Bubbles Screenshot 1
Bubbles Screenshot 2
Bubbles Screenshot 3
Bubbles Screenshot 4

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Bubbles Online Slot Game

You will be dancing for joy thanks to our shining, colourful bubbles! Swirl the bubbles across five reels and turn the colourful beads into huge winnings: The right combination will pop with a subtle 'plop' and produce huge, impressive winnings!

Your aim is to land 3, 4 or 5 bubbles in the same colour along a pay line. You win if three identical bubbles land from the right or the left along a line without being interrupted by opponents of a different colour.

WILD bubbles

Underneath the second, third and fourth reel float three colourful WILD bubbles. They could rise at any time and push your luck into dizzying heights. As soon as one or more WILD bubbles rise they can turn any number of symbols on their path into wild symbols. All Wilds are fixed and the remaining positions will spin until you win. If you win additional Wilds during the re-spins you also win further re-spins.

RTP: 96.15%