Lines 1

Min-Max-Stake 20P - £50

Bonus Rounds 2

Bar 7's Screenshot 1
Bar 7's Screenshot 2
Bar 7's Screenshot 3
Bar 7's Screenshot 4

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Bar 7's Online Slot Game

This is a wonderfully simple and easy to play slot. With just three reels, one payline and four symbols, Bar 7’s brings fantastic opportunities to win big! Simply line up three matching symbols! What’s more, there’s more fun to be had with the game features. Once activated, you can stop or readjust the reels to make up one of the four winning combinations and win big.

So what are the prizes? Line up three BAR symbols to win 40 times, three 7’s to win 20 times, three Bells to win 10 times and three Cherries to win five time your stake.


The game automatically activates the Hold function at random where a combination of 2 or 3 symbols is held and you get a free spin.


Give your luck a second chance with the Nudge feature. Randomly activate this feature if a spin is unsuccessful and nudge the reels up to three times to move certain positions. If you don’t get a winning combination with the manual nudges the game automatically resets to the best combination. Alternatively, just click Start. 

RTP: 95.02%