Lines 5

Min-Max-Stake 40p - £20.00

Bonus Rounds 2

5-Line Multiplay™ Screenshot 1
5-Line Multiplay™ Screenshot 2
5-Line Multiplay™ Screenshot 3
5-Line Multiplay™ Screenshot 4

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5-Line Multiplay™ Online Slot Game

Spin your way through the fruit symbols, the 7 and the Joker in 5 Line Multiplay™. Activate the Mystery feature with a few lucky stars and every spin will give you a win! The joker may play the fool, but he’s the one who will deliver a random bonus.

Bonus symbols

The Joker symbol replaces all symbols in the game.

Mystery feature

If no win is achieved in a regular game, a star symbol is added to the display to the left of the reels if it falls on the middle reel. Stars are removed when you achieve a line win. If all three stars in the display are illuminated, the word GO blinks. The Mystery feature is activated when another combination of three stars appears on an enabled win line. During the Mystery feature, every spin wins!

Throughout the feature, the GO and STOP displays blink alternately. If it stops on GO, there’s another spin. If you get STOP, the feature ends.

Bonus feature

The bonus display shows a new win for each spin. If you land three wild symbols on a win line, you receive the amount displayed.

RTP: 95.00%